The Tech Lift M4 (Vertical Platform Lift) is the ideal and most effective solution for those who experience difficulties in negotiating steps and stairs or require wheelchair access.

The Tech Line Sweden Disabled Access System offers the perfect alternative to costly ramp constructions and is the smarter space management solution.

The Tech Lift M4 is an affordable cost effective lift solution to accessibility barriers in rises of less than 1.5 metres.

The Tech Lift M4 is designed for external installation against a landing or veranda, but is also suitable for internal installation to help negotiate split level homes.

This lift is a compact system with self-supporting shroud, 900 x 1400mm lift platform

Now also in the dimensions 1100 x 1400 mm and compact machine cabinet,

yet, it is capable of lifting 350kg.

A range of options additional options are available including automatic door operators and .

wireless controls.

Quick installation – minimal building work required

Supplied with an integral ramp

Automatic gates option

Designed For Independence In Your Home

It is simple to operate and offers large, internal push button controls. The Tech Lift M4 offers unparalleled independence in and around the home.

More information about development and new installations will be available on facebook

We will supply Tech Lift M4 with glass on the back wall also to get more light, and create an open space.

Subtle Design

The Tech Lift M4 Open boasts a subtle and simple aesthetic, meaning it can blend in with your current design easily. However, you can also customise the lift to make a statement with it if you want; it's up to you.

Tech Lift M4 is available in any color, or in mixed colors. Which color suits you and the environment, your choice. To know more contact Tech Line Brämhult.