Stair Tech

StairTech is a new product from Tech Line Sweden, which with its simplicity fits almost everywhere. The new StairTech has aluminum profiles in the sides which makes it very easy to adjust the height difference between the steps, low weight and an attractive design makes this accessory for the Tech Lift 500 a winner.

When you looking for accessories, we have them and are constantly developing new ones.

Easy and flexible access to your home

The Stair Tech is easy to use and helps wheelchair users to maintain their independence and security in their home. While the Stair Tech provides convenient wheelchair access, it also allows the rest of the family to continue using the same doorway.

Easy to use

Versatile – up to 500 mm rise with bridging steps for up to 3 steps.

Durable for outdoor use – a stainless steel / aluminium finish as standard.

Quick installation – can easily be installed by our engineers in just a day.

Cost-effective – can be easily re-sited and is often a cheaper option than a ramp.