New partner in Spain

We welcome ayudas mas to become our new distributor in Spain

New partner in Iceland

We would like to welcome RYMI to become our representative in Iceland, looking forward to our cooperation.

New partner in Bulgaria

Tech Line Sweden has started a collaboration with Vicra Lift in Bulgaria, we welcome you and hope we can be a good partner for you.

New partner in England

Tech Line Sweden has got a new dealer in England Level Access Lifts, we wish you welcome for an exciting development in England.

New partner in Australia

Tech line Sweden has started a collaboration with Lifte for Life, we hope it will be a developing and exciting collaboration for both parties. we wish you a very warm welcome.

New partner in Italy

We would like to welcome

Access Lift av Baglini Srl to represent us in Italy, a big welcome and look forward to a pleasant collaboration.


We thank everyone who took the time to visit our booth in Düsseldorf, it was very nice and enriching with all your different experiences and opinions.

Now that we are home in Sweden, we will do our best to meet the expectations you have of our company.

Again, many thanks for your participation.

Exhibition 2022

Exhibition 2022

Tech Line Sweden will participate in the exhibition


14 - 17 September 2022 in Düsseldorf

Exhibition 2022

Tech Line Sweden will participate in the exhibition

Interlift 26 - 29/4 2022 in Augsburg.

Everyone is very welcome.

Tech Lift M4

Now our popular Tech Lift M4 comes in a larger dimension, the size will be 1450 x 1100

But we will of course also keep the dimension 900 x 1400

We have now placed installation instructions for Tech Lift M4 on our website, you will find them under the tab download Pdf.

Now # techliftm4 and # techlift500 are on show in Norway in collaboration with Stannah Norway

Our products are now available at Medical Expo.

We think that our Swedish-made products should be available to everyone. In the end, what matters most to you, is what matters most to us.

Now, in the autumn of 2020, Tech Line will start a collaboration with as our main supplier of Tech Lift M4.

Now our products will soon be available at will return with a link later.

Tech Lift M4 will be equipped with door automation by the autumn of 2020.

We welcome Stannah to become our new reseller in Norway

Tech Line Brämhult Filial changes name to tech line sweden ab

New design on Stair Tech

News Tech Lift M4, now the ramp follows up as the lift goes up. and then fold down at the bottom position. The electrical cabinet has been moved into the platform, no external details to install + about 50 small changes to make a good product better.

Now is the new year 2020 here, and we are starting production of Tech Lift M4 to 100%. We will be able to offer Tech Lift M4 in different color choices, you decide what suits you and the

surroundings best. Contact us for your specific order and we are here 24/7 Welcome.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more information and updates.

BYGG REIS DEG messen på Norges Varemesse i Lillestrøm

Now after 2 years of work, the Tech Lift M4 is starting to be completed, and will be put into production during the winter of 2019.

It has been a long and sometimes difficult task but now when you see the results, we are only looking forward.

We will provide more info about the product soon and also pictures from our first assembly.

Follow us on facebook for more news.

Then the Tech Lift 500 model 3 is here, with inclined panels to give more space to extra accessories such as radio receivers etc. We are happy with the design change and think it will be exciting to get the response to this. We have also provided the ramp with aluminum flooring for more strength and extra slip protection..

Many have asked for a door on the upper floor, we have one for Tech Lift M4 so we rebuilt it and fitted it in here. so now you can get it to Tech Lift 500 as well.

2019-03-22 We welcome GPH Mobilité to become our new parttner in France, to sell Tech Lift 500 welcome.

Custom made Tech Lift 500 Limited Edition Black to a hotel in Oslo, more pictures come after the installation.

Now Tech Lift M4 is soon ready and can be put into production.

2019-01-28 We welcome WELL4ALL to become our new partner in Portugal to sell Tech Lift 500 Welcome

2018 - 12-12 WE WELCOME thyssenkrupp TO BECOME OUR NEW PARTNER


Now, Tech Line also launches a variant where the lift is easy to move, can be very practical in temporary solutions like a stage at a school theater, etc.

The wheels are easily lifted with their red arms and locked at a height of 40mm above the floor, now the Tech Lift 500 can easily be moved and stored until next time it is used.

During storage, the Tech Lift is connected to 230 volts and the battery is then charged, allowing the battery to lift up to 10 times.

Tech Line presents Tech Lift 500 Limited Edition.

For a little more money and longer delivery time you will get this.

• Painted in different colors and anodizing.

• Floor in non-slip anodised aluminum

• Colored glass sides

• Engraved frontplate

• Extra handles

• Under side lighting with 164 different color combinations and remote control

2018 - 10 - 04 We welcome RAMPA ELEVATORS AND ACCESSIBILITY LTD to become our



IN Israel.