We supply platforms lift to make everyday life more accessible, both in commercial and domestic properties.

Ultimately whats matters most to us, is what matters most to you.

Tech Lift 500 the lift with the lowest installation height and weight on the market.

Now our Tech lift 500 Is available with a 275mm deep bridging plate, so that it can sit in front of the Staircase.

StairTech is a new product from Tech Line Sweden, which with its simplicity fits almost everywhere.

Tech Lift M4 is based on 4 telescopic lifting columns, Tech Lift M4 fits equally well in private and public environments.

We provide Swedish-made lifts for improved accessibility, our products are developed with over 25 years of experience from manufacturing / development.

Tech Line has dealers in several places who always want to help you, if you want to know who is close to you click here.

Tech line sweden guarantee

When choosing your lift, choose a manufacturer you can trust.

All of Tech Line products meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Product safety is always at the forefront of what we do. We go beyond the rigorous design and testing standards, seeking to strengthen existing codes of practice and specifications to improve safety for individuals using our lifts. Whether the user is travelling standing or seated in a wheelchair, they can always feel safe when using a product from Tech Line Sweden AB.

All our products are manufactured ISO certified,

and comply with the Machinery Directive.

SS-EN 81-41:2010

EMC Directive / EMC 2014/30 EU


SS 2097-7